June 2016

A View from The Shapers, Changers & Money Makers: David Murray-Hundley, “I’m An Investor… Get Me Out Of Here!”

David Murray-Hundley, aka The Grumpy Entrepreneur, is a staple panel guest at Crowdfinders Live events. He always delivers his insights into the evolution of alternative finance from an investor’s perspective and in this opinion piece he talks crowdfunding returns and…
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Brexit – We’re All In This Together

What a weekend! The result of the EU referendum, which may have come as quite the shock to some, has seen Britain opt to leave the European Union. Following Britain’s decision to pull a Zayn Malik and pursue a solo…
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Crowdfinders Launches A View from the Shapers, Changers & Money Makers

  As you well know (and if you didn’t then, what other alternative finance events have you been going to?!), we combine the biggest names in crowdfunding and peer-to-peer, with expert insights from leading entrepreneurs and the rising business stars…
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A View from the Shapers, Changers and Money-Makers: Mark Wright – Winner of The Apprentice – tackles Crowdfunding and Brexit

The first in a new series of guest blogs for Crowdfinders is courtesy of Mark Wright, Director of Climb Online, winner of The Apprentice 2014 and our headline speaker at Crowdfinders Live: The Science of Crowdfunding. Mark delivers his take…
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Crowdfinders Live: The Science of Crowdfunding – The Highlights

  Crowdfinders Live: The Science of Crowdfunding was positively bursting with business talent and the most influential industry shapers that alternative finance has to offer. In fact you couldn’t move without brushing shoulders or clinking glasses with a crowdfunding expert…
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Crowdfinders and IW Capital Launch the SME Heatmap 2016!

Here at Crowdfinders, we are suckers for world-class enterprise talent. And if our events have proved one thing it’s that there is bucket loads of first-class entrepreneurial prowess emerging across the British Isles at an incredible speed. In fact, 79%…
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Pocket Money Management Start-up goHenry gets the Big Bucks through Crowdfunding

  In our day – now there’s a phrase that instantly ages you – pocket money was stashed away in a piggy bank or a jar, building up to that big purchase you’d had your eye on, a bike or…
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