July 2016

Luke Davis on Bridging the Gap for SMEs

Luke writes for International Finance Magazine on how to close the £1 billion funding gap.
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Jordan Fantaay, Founder & CEO of Fantoo, on the Global Entrepreneur Summit & Meeting President Obama

Fantoo is leading an email revolution! By reorganising your messages, integrating a team chat function and pinpointing the most important emails in your inbox, the company aims to streamline and improve email productivity. Fantoo is Dell’s first global start-up in…
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Funding Options for SMEs – What are the Alternatives?

Fortunately for SMEs, there are now tonnes of funding options available to them, so they no longer have to bank on the banks. Last year, the online alternative finance market alone was worth a staggering £3.2 billion here in the…
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Race to Scale: The Winner’s Podium Round One – Incanthera

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Presenting Race to Scale – the Winner’s Podium: Incanthera

In February this year, it was estimated that there are around 12,000 high-growth companies in the UK; that’s the largest number since the dotcom boom, according to the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC). The same report also noted that these high-growth…
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Cabinet Reshuffle – Who Made the Cut

Moving day is usually never as productive as you intended. You unpack anything you need immediately, then admit defeat, leave the rest boxed up for another week and find the nearest takeaway. Not for new PM Theresa May however; yesterday,…
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A View from the Shapers, Changers & Money Makers: Thomas Davies, Chief Investment Officer at Seedrs, on the Future of Crowdfunding

Thomas Davies is Chief Investment Officer at Seedrs and was a key panel guest at our latest Crowdfinders Live event. In this edition of A View from the Shapers, Changers & Money Makers, we asked Thomas for more insider insights…
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Kiki Loizou: Brexit: A Good Thing for Crowdfunding?

Since June 24 I’ve been speaking to small and medium-sized business owners about their fears following Britain’s shock decision to split from the European Union. Entrepreneurs tend to keep their heads down, rarely rising above the parapet. In the run…
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How Businesses feel about Brexit

When the EU referendum result came in, we were pretty much a nation divided down the middle. For just under half of us, the idea of change wasn’t exactly appealing, while a slim majority saw the prospect of Brexit as…
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