August 2016

Joint Crowdfinders and IW Capital Brexit Sentiment Research in Forbes

Joint research released by Crowdfinders and IW Capital on investor sentiment after Brexit is featured in Forbes!
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Luke Davis Discusses Alternative Finance Options with The Telegraph

In this interview with The Telegraph, Luke Davis breaks down some of the leading alternative finance options available and what type of business they are best suited for
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“Never mind startups, it’s scale-ups that urgently need funding” The Guardian

Luke Davis chats to The Guardian about the need for more scale-up funding and our £100 million funding drive, Race to Scale.
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Crowdfinders and IW Capital’s Latest Research in FT Adviser

The latest research report – Understanding Investor Sentiment in the Wake of Brexit – developed by Crowdfinders and IW Capital has been featured in FT Adviser.
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Race to Scale Success Story, Incanthera, Featured in The Express

Find out more about Race to Scale success story, Incanthera, with this coverage in The Express
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Brexit – What the Entrepreneurs Are Saying Two Months On

It’s been just over two months since the vote to leave the EU was announced and Nigel Farage put down his victory pint. But despite the time that’s passed, the dust is yet to fully settle on Britain’s small business…
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A View from the Shapers, Changers & Money Makers: Matt Cooper – Commercial Director at Crowdcube on the Evolution of Equity Crowdfunding

Matt Cooper is Commercial Director at Crowdcube – one of the world’s leading investment crowdfunding platforms. As of August 2016 the company had successfully raised a staggering £184,619,905 and helped to support some impressive case studies that are now household…
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Crowdfinders’ investor sentiment research featured in City A.M.

Investor sentiment in SMEs is strong following Brexit. Find out more about our research in this City A.M. coverage.
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Business Insider Coverage of Understanding Investor Sentiment in the Wake of Brexit

Business Insider has covered our latest in-depth research report – Understanding Investor Sentiment in the Wake of Brexit.
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Luke Davis on How to Gear Up for the Lead Investor

Luke writes for Global Banking & Finance Review on how to recalibrate crowdfunding.
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