Crowdfinders and IW Capital Launch the SME Heatmap 2016!

Here at Crowdfinders, we are suckers for world-class enterprise talent. And if our events have proved one thing it’s that there is bucket loads of first-class entrepreneurial prowess emerging across the British Isles at an incredible speed. In fact, 79% of Britain’s SME community is based outside of London.

To ensure we’re on top of the best SME talent as it develops, we’ve teamed up with IW Capital to launch a new interactive platform that defines the next five years of SME investment by way of the sectors and cities that are fuelling our scale-up community.

We’ve called it The SME Heatmap 2016. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. Updated monthly, it provides an interactive overview of the most entrepreneurial regions that Britain has to offer. The infographic also explores exciting and fast-growing industries such as fintech and the sharing economy. You can dissect the hot bits on the map by clicking here.

The SME Heatmap has been launched as part of our Race to Scale initiative – a £100 million funding drive in association with Seedrs, SyndicateRoom, and the UKBAA to name a few. The finance raised will be used to support scale-ups across the British Isles.

The SME Heatmap marks the national roll-out of the initiative. Inspired by Manchester-based success story Incanthera – the first recipient of Race to Scale funding – we want to ensure that business Britain is supported nationwide, not just here in London.

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