How to Grow a Business – What the Investors Say

254,721 companies, individuals, projects and not-for-profits turned to online alternative finance to raise money in 2015. The industry’s popularity has skyrocketed and, although that means fantastic British businesses have taken the bold steps to fund their progression, the market is more competitive than ever.

Seedrs data revealed that once a campaign hits 30% of its target, its success rate rises to 90%! But how do companies generate that kind of early momentum and what else can they do to improve their chances?

In the latest instalment of our ‘How to Grow a Business’ series of infographics we tackle this very point. We asked Luke Davis, our Co-founder and also the CEO of private equity firm IW Capital, what investors are looking for when choosing a company to back via a crowdfunding platform. Find out what Luke had to say, here.