Weekly Top 10: February 10th

It’s fair to say that 2016 was a pretty turbulent time in the world of politics (the words Brexit and Trump spring to mind). But new research by our sister company IW Capital, which you may have seen splattered across national and trade publications, has found that investors are actually resounding confident that Brexit will in fact help their investment strategy. What’s more, this is being reflected in the continued expansion of the alternative finance sector as a whole through a number of successful fundraises.

Without further ado, here’s our update on the week in crowdfunding:

1. An industry-leading report was released by a certain crowdfunding specialist (us!), delving into the levels of SME support provided by the Government to private investors

2. A new crowdfunding hub was launched in Birmingham thanks to a partnership between Birmingham City Council and Crowdfunder

3. Beauhearst data revealed that crowdfunding platforms are now more likely to provide the funding companies are looking for, over more traditional financial options

4. Our sister company IW Capital found that almost half of investors expect that Brexit will have a positive impact upon their investment strategy

5. Further results were published by a major platform unveiling that their deals have risen by 20% since the referendum vote, demonstrating the potential the sector holds in the year ahead

6. In City A.M., Harriet Green met the entrepreneur behind a platform which aims to launch legal battles through the funding capabilities of the crowd

7. It’s seems the Age of Aquarius has dawned upon the sector! This week, Time magazine charted the emergence of activism facilitated by fundraising platforms, following a $1 million surge in targeted protest fundraising since President Trump signed a controversial executive order last week

8. MyShowcase recorded the largest ever beauty-related fundraise on one platform after raising over £1 million

9. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, you may soon be able to sip your way to recovery on Sunday morning with a new health water product

10. In less serious but just as thrilling news, a man in Alabama successfully crowdfunded twenty chicken nuggets

Stay posted for more crowdfunding news in next week’s Weekly Top 10.