Weekly Top 10: February 17th

At the climax of a week that began with a series of product launches and successful fundraises, came an outpouring of ire over the forthcoming changes to business rates, which many private sector organisations expect to impose a significant cost on SMEs. Meanwhile, crowdfunding has set its sights on new funding opportunities, climaxing in the production of a new documentary that is sure to excite a rather large group of sci-fi fans.

1. The build-up began for the most exciting event in the crowdfunding calendar when we launched ticket sales for our next event Race to Scale: Make Your Business Rock! Get your tickets now!

2. The Government clashed with a number of private sector organisations and so-called “Queen of the High Street” Mary Portas over controversial changes to business rates which are due to come into effect in April

3. Chi Chi launched a £750,000 funding round to finance the global expansion of its range of coconut-based waters, oils and milks

4. While some of us were reciting our romantic poetry or gorging on chocolate, a former apprentice contestant launched her dating app, financed through crowdfunding

5. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to bring out their best Hitchcock as Yahoo Finance published an interesting guide to crowdfunding video production

6. Cauliflower rice demonstrated once again that is a winning idea when it comes to major crowdfunding campaigns

7. A number of tech start-ups launched funding rounds to further light up the night sky

8. Australia is taking strides to open up equity crowdfunding to the masses

9. In City AM, Harriet Green explored another potential function of crowdfunding for the financing of social care and local infrastructure projects

10. And finally, a group of Trekkies had their documentary project beamed up by the crowd in a single day

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