Weekly Top 10: March 3rd

This week we saw a continuation of over-funding as more and more businesses realise the full potential of the crowd. The funding model continues to prove that it’s not just hype, with increasingly common forays into new sectors – including fashion and lifestyle – and new countries, with the gradual awakening of legislators around the world to the opportunities opened by more democratic, fluid and fast business funding. By the end of the year the crowd may prove to be a kind of medusa, immortalising not only David Bowie but now former Leicester City FC manager Claudio Ranieri in stone.

And now… here’s the latest and greatest news to emerge from the world of crowdfunding over the past week:

1. On page 94 of the latest issue of Wealth and Finance International, our Co-Founder Luke Davis shared his thoughts on SME investment in 2017

2. Yet another crowdfunding round raised far more than expected this week, this time in the increasingly hot fashion sector with brand ME + EM raising over £700,000

3. We’ve always said crowdfunding may just be the quickest way to access growth finance. And this week, one company raised £1 million in just 96 seconds!

4. Sometimes the crowd might even shake up your own business plan! See how the crowd energised one real estate investment platform to speed up its plans for growth this week

5. Tech Crunch released its Crowdfunding Guide for 2017. Take a look to see the latest tips from the fast-moving tech sector

6. As we say, tech is set to be one of the key sectors benefitting from the rise of alternative finance this year. See more from Smith and Williamson

7. Growth Business took stock of the industry, tracking the unprecedented growth of the alternative finance sector and noting the 84% rise in originations

8. Could Israel be the world’s next crowdfunding hotspot? Follow the latest developments in Daniel Lorber’s update this week

9. En Garde! British Fencing launched a crowdfunding campaign with the target of £100,000 after it lost its appeal against UK Sport funding cuts last week

10. And finally, Leicester City FC fans have launched a crowdfunding campaign to erect a statue of the team’s recently sacked Premier League winning manager Claudio Ranieri to commemorate his short and dramatic period with the club

Stay tuned for more crowdfunding news next week!