A Year of Exciting Investment Opportunities Has Already Begun

Now that all of our New Year’s resolutions have become fleeting memories, we’ve reached that time of year when our investment strategies are due to be defined. Luckily, Crowdfinders spends the whole year searching up and down the country for the most exciting early-stage companies to put before a crowd of investors at our live pitch events and on our online platform.

Throughout the year, as we continue to forge dynamic new partnerships, you can expect a stream of lucrative opportunities to appear both on stage and on the platform. To show you what we’re made of, we wanted to introduce you to five such companies already listed on our platforms. These companies proved themselves by making successful pitches to our crowd of savvy investors and are now available for online investment.

First of all allow us to introduce sense! sense has developed a range of food supplements to aid the recovery efforts of those of us who, at times, over-indulge in life’s temptations.

Next up, Fubar Radio has built a disruptive media platform that is uniquely positioned in its engagement with the hard to reach young adult demographic.

365 Talent Portal has built a one stop platform supporting upskilling and recruitment in the information technology sector.

Metropolis Digital Media is an exciting digital out of home advertising company offering businesses the chance to see their name in lights in every traffic jam by targeting the taxi industry.

And last, but by no means least, Duuzra has developed next generation interactive event solutions which increase the user experience, facilitating seamless and successful event management.

We are very excited to announce that the next round of companies set to be featured on Crowdfinders’ investment platform will be pitching before the crowd on Thursday 30 March. Stay tuned for full details of this event – we’re planning something that will rock your world!